Job offers

Architecture, Function and Dynamics in Life Sciences a European Doctoral Programme

A call is open to recruit 12 Doctoral Fellows in 4 Universities: Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (F); University of Granada (ES); National Institute of Chemistry (SLO); Technical University Munich (DE).

Choose your research project among the 22 proposed and be enrolled in this international, innovative, interdisciplinary doctoral network.

Deadline on June 1st 2024. Interviews at the beginning of July, 36-months contract starting in October 2024.

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List of the research projects

At UCBL (France):

    • Project 1: The Role of Interactions with Dendritic Cells in Sustaining NK Cell Functions in Tumor Conditions (postponed to 2025)

    • Project 2: Elucidating the specific neuronal vulnerability in Friedreich ataxia preclinical models

    • Project 3: Peripheral determinants of viral encephalitis: towards predictive biomarkers and limited neurovirulence

    • Project 4: Study of the tropism of a new variant of TDP-43 (G376V-TDP-43) responsible for distal myopathy but not an ALS

    • Project 5: Characterisation and in vitro validation of biopolymers for the treatment of iron overload

    • Project 6: Structural and functional investigation of a molecular regulator involved in bacterial silver resistance using NMR

    • Project 7: Vaccine design using synthetic outer membrane vesicles incorporating defined carbohydrate antigens and immunostimulants

    • Project 8: Contribute to the development and optimization of a signal processing and AI algorithm for microwave imaging in the early detection of breast cancer

    • Project 9: SchizApathy: Unveiling the Neuro-Computational bases of Apathy in Schizophrenia.

    • Project 10: PEPsy project: identifying biomarkers to improve the diagnosis and prognosis of patients with early onset of schizophrenia.

    • Project 11: Investigation at the molecular level of the interaction of fluorescent probes with early protein aggregates

    • Project 12: Development of Laser-generated Surface Acoustic Wave Immuno-sensors

    • Project 13:The hexokinase phosphorylation landscape: new regulation of an “old” enzyme

    • Project 14: Regulation and impact of post-transcriptional modifications of Staphylococcus aureus tRNAs

    • Project 15: Stress gradients and the emergence of treatment resistance in infection and cancer

At NIC (Slovenia):

    • Project 1: Host-pathogen interactions in Plants: Characterization of NLPs, a new family of pore-forming proteins

At UGR (Spain):

    • Project 1: Efficacy of targeted nanoparticles coated with hybrid cell membranes against pancreatic cancer heterogeneity

    • Project 2: Explainable AI-powered multimodal data integration for healthcare

    • Project 3: Biomimetic Magnetic Hydrogels for Translational Research

    • Project 4: Unravelling amyloid aggregation with novel luminescent probes for super-resolution microscopy (postponed to 2025)

At TUM (Germany):

    • Project 1: Structural and functional characterization of the disease-linked inner mitochondrial membrane protein MPV17

    • Project 2: Molecular insights into the misfolding pathways of antibody light chain proteins

    • Project 3: Structure, interactions and dynamics of an RBM17 complex linked to alternative splicing regulation